Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have all had a magical one! I have come back home for the festive period to see my family and friends. I've thoroughly enjoyed it and used the opportunity to take photos around Lichfield for my Surface Pattern Course.

My Dad and I went out on Boxing Day around the Cathedral and Beacon Park and I snapped away taking as many pictures as I possibly could. The course I'm doing is good because it ask you to look at one aspect of a photograph and draw it in an array on different techniques. I really enjoy this as it’s experimental some techniques could work and some may not but in away there is no pressure... it's just having a play. Below are some of my favourite pictures that I collected, Some Photos I took because I loved the pattern, some for composition and some for colour:

From these I selected two photographs and created a colour swatch for both of them. It's really interesting to see the variety of colours.

I just need to get cracking now and see what motifs I can develop.

Have a lovely rest of your christmas break and a happy new year

Meg xx

A busy week ...

Good Morning,

Well last week over on my May I Design page I announced that I was cancelling my Virtual Christmas Craft Fair. I am gutted about this as I hate cancelling things and letting people down, but I was getting myself so stressed out because I just didn't have the time to do all the things I needed to. I just thought it shouldn't be stressful it should be fun so I decided not to do it.

However, this has meant that I have had more time to work on my Surface pattern course. I am absolutely loving it. The first week was all about inspiration and where to find it and this week about loosening up and mark making. Below are my results from this week:

We have also been given some tips on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I am ok with photoshop but I definately need more practice with Illustrator. I am feeling so inspired and can't wait to see what I'll come up with next week...

Meg xxx

Starting a new course...

Good evening all,

Just a quick post tonight to inform you of what I'm going to be up to for the next few weeks. I have recently signed up to a Surface Pattern E-course run by Rachael Taylor. This course is ideal for me  as I can do it in the evening when I get back from work and at weekends. 

I have already studied Fine art at Staffordshire University and returned later to complete a couple of modules in Surface Pattern. This course however, looks as though it will show me, not only techniques on how to create patterns but also how to get them out there and get into the industry. I am excited to start and I intend to post what I have been getting up to on here, so please keep checking back.

The only thing I'm slightly worried about is that I have planned a Virtual Christmas craft fair over on my May I Design Facebook page so I am going to be busy crafting away to have some stock to sell:

Also I work full time and I am away on site every now and again for a couple of days at a time. I think time management is definitely going to have to be key!! But I am really, really excited to see what I will create.

Have a lovely week,

Meg x

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Lovely Day...

Today I have had a really lovely day and if I'm honest I feel quite festive!! I have come back home this weekend to Lichfield and been to look around Barton Marina with my Mum. Barton Marina is home to a selection of gorgeous shops including my favourite Brauz this shop is filled with unique cards and gifts and I can always count on it to bring a smile to my face. Today I purchased two small Christmas decorations that I hope will inspire me to create a new greetings card. Here they are:

I think they are so cute and can't wait to see what I may create from them!! Also while at the Marina we looked round The Butcher, the Baker and The Ice Cream Maker where we spotted some really decorative tins and Mum treated me to one (and not only did I get the tin but it was also filled with chocolate chip cookies... Winner!!!)

How fab is it? 
And finally... when I arrived home yesterday my Mum and Dad had bought me a gift to celebrate my first Christmas in our new home I have named him Colin......

That is all for today, hope you are all feeling a little bit more festive. Enjoy the rest of your weekend..

Megs xx

Giveaway idea...

Hello all,

Sorry I've been so quiet been working late every night this week, off to Scotland next week with work too. No rest for the wicked eh? I need to get crafty soon though so I can crack on with some stock for my online craft fair. (don't forget to tell your friends to visit May I Design on the 27th November.)

I had an idea for a giveaway I would really like a logo for my May I Design page. I was thinking that I would hold a competition for people to design a logo and If I was to pick your design, you could chose a pair of glasses as a prize :) would anybody be interested??

Anyway hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy your bonfire night,

Megs xxx

I've got that Friday feeling...

Happy Friday everyone, isn't Friday just the best day of the week?

I am very excited this weekend as I have set aside two days to really get stuck into my crafts. I plan to spend the next two days creating lots of exciting things for the virtual craft fair that I'm holding on my May I Design facebook page on the 27th November. I am going to celebrate this by doing a little giveaway here on my blog on the day of the craft fair... the only condition is I would really love to reach 2000 'fans' by then. That gives us a month to try and reach this target. So if you do like what you see on my page PLEASE suggest me to your friends and family and then it will be giveaway galore for one lucky person!

So, what you waiting for?  GO GO GO get inviting... :)

Have a lovely weekend, Megs x

First Ever Post!

Hey all,

Well how exciting this is my first ever blog post, I'm finally jumping on the blogging bandwagon (only a few years later than the rest!) I have started this blog to track my work with both my 'May I Design' page and also to track the work I do while participating in the Surface Pattern Ecourse created by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls. (I'll talk more about that soon) I will also post inspiration and probably alot of ramblings... anywhoo I very much hope you enjoy stopping by.. and talk to you all soon, when I work out how to do this a bit more (if you can offer any advice that would be just great!!)

speak soon, Megs x