Lovely Day...

Today I have had a really lovely day and if I'm honest I feel quite festive!! I have come back home this weekend to Lichfield and been to look around Barton Marina with my Mum. Barton Marina is home to a selection of gorgeous shops including my favourite Brauz this shop is filled with unique cards and gifts and I can always count on it to bring a smile to my face. Today I purchased two small Christmas decorations that I hope will inspire me to create a new greetings card. Here they are:

I think they are so cute and can't wait to see what I may create from them!! Also while at the Marina we looked round The Butcher, the Baker and The Ice Cream Maker where we spotted some really decorative tins and Mum treated me to one (and not only did I get the tin but it was also filled with chocolate chip cookies... Winner!!!)

How fab is it? 
And finally... when I arrived home yesterday my Mum and Dad had bought me a gift to celebrate my first Christmas in our new home I have named him Colin......

That is all for today, hope you are all feeling a little bit more festive. Enjoy the rest of your weekend..

Megs xx