A Challenge..

Bonjour all,

Okie dokie, I have a confession... I have been slacking... majorly. Work has just gobbled up all my time, and staying away from home (mixed with long hours) is not helping! So, to try and get myself back on track, I have decided to set myself a little challenge...

As you probably know I have signed up to take part in the Surface Pattern Ecourse devised by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls. The course is so inspiring and packed full of brilliant information on how to make it as a Surface Pattern Designer. However, due to my work schedule I'm not keeping up to date with it as much as I would like. In order to try and participate more I am going to do a DESIGN A DAY. These designs will range in form- some being pen scribbles in a sketch pad, and others will be completed on the computer. Whatever form my designs take, I will post the results here on my blog. To begin with this is going to be a short term goal, doing a design a day for a month. If I successfully do this I will continue for another month, and so on. 

 So I best get cracking! Please keep your eyes peeled, as I will be back later today with the first of my designs...

Wish me luck!

Meg :)