Happy Sunday,

Hope that you have had a lovely weekend so far. I have been busy beavering away doing designs as part of my challenge. Yesterday I posted about two new books I have bought. I love a good design book, I think it's because it's like an adult version of a picture book! Both books are available to purchase here I Love stationery and The Complete Guide to Designing and Printing Fabrics they are both full of current work and they also show you different techniques and styles.

My mum has recently started painting in watercolours. I love looking through her paintings. Watercolours are one of the many techniques that I just can't seem to crack. My mum is teaching herself through a mixture of books and online resources. She doesn't really like to show her work and cringed a little bit when I asked her if I could post one of her pictures on my blog. She liked my photograph of the fruit and veg I posted earlier in the week and used that to paint this ...

I  think it's fantastic..  :)

Righty, on with the challenge, today's pattern is a placement print. I bought myself a bunch of gorgeous tulips last week and took inspiration from them.

Well I think that's enough of my babbling today. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

See you tomorrow