well this week I am going to try and finish my design a day challenge that I started a few months ago and then had to stop after going away to site with work. I have 7 more days to go then that's 30 designs done! After I have completed my challenge I am going to go back and sort my different designs into collections with co-ordinating  patterns :)

So to today's pattern... I have done a Halloween theme as the shops are filled with costumes and sweets ready for the scariest day of the year! Yesterday I worked on a pattern and wasn't very pleased with it. I worked on it again today but I actually think I prefer yesterday's design to today's!

What do you think??

Yesterday's pattern

Today's pattern
On Friday I mentioned to a friend I wanted to do a Halloween design and she asked what it could be used for. I thought it would be a good pattern for on napkins, table cloths or maybe even trick or treat bags. I think it's good to start thinking about what my patterns could be used for, as ultimately I would love to sell my designs for a living.
I am really going to try and keep up with my 'design a day' challenge this week.
So see you tomorrow,