Bijou at no. 15

Well hello,
Sorry for the lack of posts I've been a very busy bunny!! The lovely Gemma Ramage has recently opened a new boutique Bijou at No.15 in Lichfield selling gorgeous clothes and accessories from independent designer/makers including her own label Bijou Boudoir.
A few months a go she asked me to design a small collection of vintage inspired gift wrap and cards to sell in her shop... and I accepted the challenge with bells on. We discussed ideas and motifs that capture the idea of 'vintage'. From that I selected several motifs to work with. I then did some research into colours and came up with a palette that I thought would compliment my chosen images.
I really enjoyed working on this commission, it has really got me thinking about printers and the practicalities of getting cards and gift wrap printed.
I managed to get the designs to the shop in the nick of time at about 10pm before the shop opened the next morning. The team were still beavering away getting the shop ready for the next days grand opening and wow was it worth it... it looked great ...

The beautiful ladies on launch day
The shop looks fabulous.
A beautiful display in the shop
gorgeous window display (featuring my cards and wrap... eeek!)
the shop was buzzing and had a brill atmosphere

Below is my vintage inspired collection

My 'button' gift wrap and card

'Eiffle' gift wrap

'Eiffle' card
'Seamstress' gift wrap

'Seamstress' card

'Swallow' gift wrap

'Swallow' card

I wish Bijou at no.15 all the best and really recommend you check it out if your in Lichfield, it really is gorgeous and something I think Lichfield really needs :)
speak soon,