Oh I do love a challenge...

Hey hey hey,
So far so good, two weeks two blog posts!!
So as you know I love a challenge. Last year I set myself a 'Design A Day' challenge and completed a design a day for a month. That really started getting my creative juices flowing and got me creating all sorts of designs. This year I am setting myself the 'A to Z' challenge. I plan to create a pattern for each letter of the alphabet. This time, however, I want to not only create an initial pattern but also co-ordinating designs and include some visuals of the types of products my work could be used on. Initially I will chose one letter every fortnight and see how I get on. I don't want this challenge to be rushed, I'd like to take my time and really get inspired and creative.
I have already started to jot down notes on the types of things I could draw...
I have a busy week ahead next week working away in bonnie Scotland but I plan to get cracking with this challenge at the start of April. so watch this space...
see you soon,
Meg xx

A better late than never new year's resolution!

Hi all,

I admit it I've been neglecting my blog again. This I hope will change soon. I'm going to set myself a goal to update my blog at least once a week; Whether it be with inspiring words (mainly from pinterest), designs I'm working on, inspiration or just a pretty picture or two! But I will do it!

This quote I think is very true... I need to go and get cracking... today!
speak soon,