F is for firework..

Hey hey,

So yesterday the sunshine must have inspired me. Last night while watching Saturday night TV I created a mixture of different patterns on my laptop. I was unstoppable!! The time seemed to fly and before I knew it it was midnight and I wanted to be up early today to watch the London Marathon! Oops!

So today F is for firework. I created a simple motif using ink and a paintbrush then scanned it in and manipulated the colours...

I really like the multi-coloured colourway I think it is lovely and summery. The more I worked with this motif the more floral it became which is fine... F  is for firework (or floral!!!) I then thought this pattern would work well on a cushion so created a simple cushion visual in a couple of colourways to see how it would work.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday,
see you soon