Having a play with paper ...


What a gorgeous day it is today the Sun is shining which automatically makes the day that little bit happier!

I have spent this week back in Lichfield seeing my friends and family, which has been so lovely. So I've not done too much designing. I have however done a little bit of playing using only black and white papers, which I have then scanned in and manipulated on Adobe Photoshop.

This is just torn bits of black paper on a white sketchbook page.

After scanning it into my computer I manipulated the colours and put it into a repeat

I am really liking yellow and grey together at the moment

I also experimented with different compositions

I really like how they have turned out. I especially like the yellow and white colour way and think that it could work as a wallpaper on a feature wall.
As for my A-Z challenge I have decided that I am not going to do the letters in order but mix them up. To keep it fresh then when I suddenly have an idea for one letter I don't have to wait until I get there and can just do it as and when inspiration strikes!!

Have a lovey weekend,
see you soon