B is for Baby


Long time no speak. Sorry I have been so quiet, I went on holiday to Tunisia for 2 weeks on a bit of a last minute break away. While I was there I took over 300 pictures a lot of them were of patterns both man made and natural (with a few taken of 3 unexpected visitors a snake, a scorpion and a lizard!!) I will do a blog post about my little break away later in the week so stay tuned ... (it is more than likely that T is for Tunisia!!)

Anywhoo, lets get back to today's post: B - is for baby (I am promising myself I am going to finish my A-Z challenge even if it kills me - I will get all 26 letters done!)

I originally did these designs for the Hallmark design competition which was to create a design suitable for a new baby range. However, I thought I would use them towards my little A-Z challenge too.


The 'A Brand new mini you' placement prints I would use on a new baby greetings card. The four star designs I would use on co-ordinating gift wrap and gift bags. I wanted my card design to be a little bit different and quirky. I really quite like these designs and may get some sample cards printed to see how they would look as an actual product.
See you later in the week,