A beautiful tin!

Hey Hey,

This weekend I went home back up to Lichfield. I really enjoy going home, I have lived in Lichfield since I was born and really do class it as my home, so when I go back I feel very relaxed and happy to see my friends and family.

This time when I went home my Mum had bought me a beautiful tin of shortbread biscuits. I am a sucker for a nice tin and this one, well, it's FAB! And not only is it wonderfully decorated but it is also filled with shortbread biscuits (yummy!!)
It is decorated with quirky illustrations of famous landmarks around Great Britain. My favourite is the Loch ness marathon with the Loch ness monster in a running number!  
The tins are sold in Marks and Spencer, but if you can't find one in your local branch its probably because my Mum has bought them all!
See you soon,


H is for Houses

Happy Monday,

I hope you have all had a good weekend and have been lapping up the sunshine... I'm currently writing this blog with thunder rumbling in the background- It's all about to change!

Today's blog post is an extension of last Monday's potato printing post (that's a lot of P's!). I scanned my print in and manipulated it in Photoshop.

I found a colour palette that I liked on pinterest :

I loved the yummy blue, sea yellow and black rock together, so used them in my design below:


I think my fave is the last one.
My mum and I have began to notice a theme in my work - I seem to like doing my motifs in lines. So next week I'm going to do a more scattered design!
Have  a lovely week,
See you soon,

P is for potato printing


So today I fancied doing something a little bit different. I have recently bought a couple of books on printing which both said one of the easiest forms of printing is from the humble potato. I remember doing this at Primary school and enjoying the results. So today I thought I go back to my 6 year old self and have a quick go!

little house potato stamp

My first go... a little bit wobbly

Now to be fair I think my 6 year old self would have laughed at my 26 year old attempt. But although my prints are a little rugged round the edges I quite like my little house motif. And for a first go in over 20 years I really quite enjoyed it. I deffo think I need to spend a bit of time perfecting my technique, but for now this quirky little print has put a happy smile on my face!
See you soon

Neglected blog...


Thought I would do a bit of a different post today and tell you a little bit about what's been going on and why I have been neglecting my poor blog!

 I recently started a new job so just getting into the swing of things there and it's quite tiring learning so many new things! This has resulted in me being a little bit rubbish posting on my blog and not being as productive with my design work. Something I am going to try and rectify ASAP! 

I found this picture over on Pinterest and it kind of sums things up for me at the mo:


I haven't been completely lazy though as I have signed up for a 10k run in Lichfield, which I have decided to do in aid of the Alzheimer's Society. So I've been training three times a week getting back to my former fitness and started doing Pilate's to try and help my running as I'm always riddled with injuries from sore knees, to feet to lower back! So thought Pilate's is what I need to strengthen up, in order to get the best out of my running!

Yesterday my T-shirt came through the post and I wore it out for my training run last night. I felt even more motivated knowing I'm running for a brilliant cause:

If you did want to know why Alzheimer's or maybe wanted to sponsor me please look here.
Anywho, this my vow that I am gonna do better and keep up to date with my blog and my designing.
See you SOON!!(I promise)

Feature Friday..

Today I am featuring the wonderful work of Kathryn 'Kizzi' Oxley. I was first introduced to her work by Yaz Raja via Facebook. Kathryn has recently graduated from BA (Hons) Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art. Her work is so much fun combining a quirky hand illustrated style with beautiful colour palettes and chirpy characters. One of my favourites are definitely the puffins.

 Her work is also inspired by cityscape's and the coast.

If you would like to see more of Kathryn's work click here or you can follow her on Facebook here.

 Her work is sure to put a smile on your face.

See you soon



D is for dandelion


Today's pattern is D is for dandelion.... I used ink and a paintbrush to create the basic motif then used illustration to manipulate it.

I then experimented with the colourways. I think this pattern would look nice on stationery.
Sorry I missed the Feature Friday last week was a busy ol' week! I promise it will be back this week if you would like to be featured email me.
See you soon,