Exciting plans...

Good Evening,

Well woop woop that's Monday nearly over! We are that little bit closer to Friday (yeay!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I went home, back to Lichfield to celebrate a friends Hen Party. It was a pre-hen party, party as we are off to Spain in a couple of weeks to carry on the celebrations. WOO HOO!

While at home I was talking to my parents about my plans for next couple of years. I usually take on a fitness challenges ranging from 10ks to half marathons and this year in May I'm taking on a 'Fun' Triathlon - I haven't fully launched into my training yet but with just over 10 weeks to go I'll get going soon!!

 Anywhoo, as I usually take on fitness challenges I thought it would be a good idea for next year to take on a 'business' challenge! I hope to participate in my first ever trade show (ARGH!). This will encourage me to crack on with designing and actually MAKING products with my designs on (I've talked about it for long enough!). With this in mind Mum and I are going to Harrogate in April to visit The British Craft and Trade Fair to do some research. I've picked this one as it has a newcomers gallery, which sounds like a good place to start. We have booked a hotel and we plan to to make a girly weekend of it. I cant wait!

I love an inspirational phrase this is from pinterest

Have a marvellous week- I'm gonna get cracking with some printing :)
See you soon

Throwback Thursday

Hey Hey,

As I'm beginning to blog again, I've started looking back over previous patterns I've created. I thought occasionally I could include a 'Throwback Thursday' feature on my blog, to showcase some of my older designs along side keeping you up to date with my newer work.

Today's pattern is influenced by the miserable rainy weather we've been having for what seems like MONTHS now...! Fingers crossed for some sunshine soon.

Also today this arrived ...

Eeeekkk I'm excited to get going.. If anyone has any tips please share them as I have never done lino cutting before!

Have a fabulous Friday,
See you soon xx

Textures from Malta...


As I mentioned in yesterdays post I was lucky enough to go on a weekend away to Malta for Valentines. I have never been before and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the island. I was surprised by just how many British people were living and working there... everyone was extremely friendly and kind.

While there I used the opportunity to capture some photographs of patterns and textures both man made and natural.

In this post I would like to show you a selection of the textures that I saw:

I've done a digital mood board and then chosen a few of my faves to do digital colour swatches with.
I've ordered myself a beginners lino printing kit which I should receive next weekend, I can't wait to start experimenting with print in my work.
See you soon (hopefully with some interesting prints)

Hello old friend...

Well it's been a while hasn't it? My blog has become like an old friend who you haven't kept in touch with for a long time and the more times passes the harder it is to make the first move.
Well here I am, getting back in touch.. how are you?
I think the problem is sometimes when I set myself a challenge, like my A-Z challenge last year, it becomes like homework at school and when you know you HAVE to do something you don't want to.. it becomes a chore not something to enjoy. So I will finish the  challenge this year but in my own time in between other ideas that pop up along the way.
My creative flair has been rejuvenated by watching 'The Great Interior Design Challenge' did anyone else watch it? I thought it was fab and tuned in every evening to watch it. It really inspired me to get cracking and creating just for the love of it.
I have set myself a phrase to live by this year:
'Don't over think, just do'
I have a terrible habit of thinking my way out of things before even attempting them, this year I'm going to try and change this...!
So to get back creating again I am looking at the theme of Textures and have been pinning some of my faves on Pinterest take a peep here.
I have also returned today from a lovely trip to Malta where I have photographed some gorgeous textures I discovered while out exploring. I'll post some pics soon..
I'm going to try and blog more often and keep on going in my quest to be creative just for the joy of it :)
See you soon