If at first you don't succeed, tri, tri, tri again...


Happy Saturday to you all.

A few months back I signed up to take part in the Stratford 220 Triathlon, I should be taking part in this tomorrow. Sadly two weeks ago while out on a training run I hurt my knee (a reoccurring problem) and had to pull out. I'm quite gutted as over the last 8 weeks I'd really stepped up my training and could feel myself improving.

However, I'm not going to let this stop me as I hope to do the Lichfield triathlon that's taking place in September. I aim to train for this along side being creative. If you have read my previous posts you will notice that I'm not very good at being focused on both training and creating. But I'm going to really try to manage both my hobbies and get results from both of them.

One way I thought I could do this is incorporate a bit about my training in my blog too so that my poor old blog doesn't suffer and get the silent treatment too! So expect to see regular updates about both my training and my creating. Then hopefully one past time wont be neglected for the other!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to.
See you soon!