The Coral Collection..

Evening all,

Hope you're all have a good week, just one more day to go then we get another bank holiday weekend, wooopppeeee!

As I said in my last post I hoped to use some of the lino Prints I had made and work with them in Adobe Photoshop, well, I have done just that...

I really enjoyed working with my motif and experimenting with colour palettes.
I really like these subdued yellows, chocolates and blues, I think they work well with my motif.

I also wanted to work with a mixture of compositions from a very regimented design to a more abstract 'bursting' design.


The image above was one of the last designs I did to compliment the others I had done. It's one of my favourites. Isn't it funny that you can spend ages on one design then just do a quick one and sometimes the you prefer the less 'thought through' one?

Above is my first collection with my new design work. I think these designs would work well on a range of different surfaces from wallpaper to a stationery range. Watch this space..
Have a lovely bank holiday,
See you soon