Adobe Illustrator

Evening all,

Happy Monday.

I've been taking part in a Skillshare course run by Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods called 'The Ins and Outs of Illustrator'. I can make my way around Adobe Photoshop but Illustrator has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Taking part in this course has really helped me.

It's an online course that you can do in your own time whenever you have a spare fifteen or half hour.  At the beginning you're encouraged to chose a vintage poster, I chose the same as the course tutor so I could really get to grips with all the tools he was teaching us. It's a vintage poster by Tom Eckersley from the 1960's advertising Pakistan International Airlines. 

 The course is made up of about seven short videos each talking you through the different stages of building up your poster. They are all clear, concise and full of detail. Me being me, paused the video after each different instruction and wrote notes along with diagrams (teachers pet, moi?)!

Anwhoo, below is the original followed by my attempt. There are a few things that are not quite spot on, but I'm really chuffed with mine overall!

The original

My attempt!

I'm really looking forward to just having a play on Illustrator and seeing what I can create. If your thinking of enrolling on a Skillshare course I really recommend it, especially this one!
See you soon,