Summer school..


A few years ago (doesn't time fly?) I signed up for and took part in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, it was a really enjoyable course run by Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton. Well, I heard they were running a summer school and  couldn't wait to sign up! It runs, I think, for about 6ish weeks and there are three briefs to complete. I couldn't believe when I found it was free.. what a cheeky bonus!  

The course started on Monday, you could choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced. I signed up to all three so I could choose which brief I fancied and maybe even try and complete all three! The first brief sounds exciting. We have a week and a half to complete it and upload it. So I will be beginning to research and doodle asap.

Been a busy old week (isn't it always) but going to set aside a couple of evening to really get my teeth into this project.

 Watch this space....
See you soon

We are just not friends...

Evening all,

Happy Monday :)

As I said in my last post I've signed up to a college course called 'Using Textiles'. Today I signed up to a day course called 'Making a friend of your sewing machine'. Me and sewing are not friends. I avoid it at all costs, even my partner does all the repairs in our household. I'm just not very good. The last time I used a sewing machine was in GSCE textiles where I made a chair cover, how? I couldn't tell you, it seems all knowledge has been wiped from my memory!

As I'm now starting to think about using my patterns on products, I thought it would be a good idea to sign up to this course! I have asked for a sewing machine for my birthday, like a proper one, a pink one, but a proper one! After asking, I was reminded that I got bought A 'Mini Stitch' sewing machine a couple of years ago. I'm not going to lie, until tonight it has not made it out of the box, when asked why, I said it's because I didn't know how to thread it, I got it out the box tonight... it was already threaded for me! WOOPS!

So tonight I had my first little play. Unsurprisingly, me and sewing machines are still not friends! How people manage to do it with such finesse and precision is beyond me!

This day course says it will show us all how to make a cushion cover. (I'll believe it when I see it!) 

I'm really doing this post today in the hope that in a few months time I'll look back and say 'Wow look how far I've come..' Or I may look back and think 'Who was I kidding..' either way it'll be fun to look back. Maybe!

 See you soon,

Never stop learning...

I'm excited.

Today I enrolled on a college course. It's called 'using textiles', it aims to teach a mixture of techniques, including print making, surface pattern design, appliqué and felt making. It lasts for 20 weeks, every Monday night starting in September. Be prepared for lots of blog posts updating you on what I've been up to!

I can't wait to start learning arty things again and working along side other creative people. This has also inspired another project of mine, but you'll have to wait and see about that one...

I found this on Pinterest

See you soon