May I be forgiven..

 I've been a bit bad with time keeping this week. So the brief was a lil bit of an after thought. May I be forgiven though as it was my birthday and I'm not sure about you but I like to milk my birthday celebrations for as long a possible?!
On Sunday I went to a very old quaint tearoom in Bradford on Avon and had the most delicious afternoon tea..

Then on the Monday we went to Weymouth and took a trip to the beach and to the Sea Life Centre, luckily the weather was dry just a little bit cold.. too cold for sunbathing anyways..
A very cute Punch and Judy theatre on the beach
Starburst the seal being trained at the Sea life centre
 So all in all I had a lovely birthday weekend, and this is why my design this week is slightly lacking! I do plan to re-do it and work on something new. The theme this week was 'Tribal' and in the words of my other half my design doesn't look particularly tribal!
So maybe back to the drawing board, but this was my design...
So we'll (me included) will just have to wait and see what else I can come up with!
See you soon
(I'm off to eat more birthday cake)