I'm getting brave..

Hi, Happy Friday eve :)

I've been having a week of more experimentation and trying out new things. As I've mentioned I'm learning how to sew, I'm really enjoying it and learning about all the things that are possible to do with the humble (pink) sewing machine.

Yesterday I received two new books I had ordered from Poppy Treffry. I LOVE her work and her quirky style. I am keen to learn how to embroider on my machine (to be honest I didn't realize there was a difference between just sewing and machine embroidery but hey there is!!). 

So with Poppy's gorgeous books in tow, an embroidery hoop (also completely new to me) an embroidery foot (who knew?) and the darning plate on (I know, I cant believe I managed it either) I was armed and ready to get embroidering. 

Well let me tell you, It's a whole new kettle of fish. It's so free, and flowy and FUN! Now my first attempts are a bit (VERY) wobbly but I'm proud of every stitch. Even the ones that look as if I drank a bottle of gin before starting (I didn't, it was just tea I promise).

The possibilities are endless. I definitely need to practice, practice, practice. But I'm so proud of how far I've come, especially from this post

Right back to it, now where's the gin, I mean tea!

See you soon



Happy Monday,

I have just returned from a lovely week in Tunisia. My partner has family over there, so we try and visit as often as we can. I love it, the way of life, the beaches, (the cakes) but mostly all the wonderful colours and patterns. 

We usually stay in Hammamet, it's beautiful. In the Medina there, there are so many gift shops each filled with decorative souvenirs. All the door are adorned with gorgeous decoration too.

 I took a sketchbook away with me and have been busily sketching and working on 'May I Design'. I'm in the process of doing a bit of a re-brand, which now I'm back, is all go, go, go!

I'm like a little duck at the moment; all calm on the surface but furiously paddling underneath the water, or in my case, I'm busily getting fabric samples and working out, what, when and how I'm going to launch 'May I Design' properly. 

I best get back to it...

Have a good week,
See you soon

Creative Weekend


Happy Monday, hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I've had a very creative weekend, it's been wonderful.

I started on Saturday with my screen printing kit. I thought I'd begin gradually and use the stencil method rather than using the screen block solution.

I am really happy with the results, the print is so crisp. It's so exciting doing the print and waiting to see the results. Each one is sightly different with it's own quirks. Love it.

 I can't wait to do an actual run where I can begin printing my design on real life products! I'm hoping to get some finished and out there by Christmas (hopefully). 

Hope you have a good week, 

See you soon 


Planning my new collection..


Hope everyone's Monday hasn't been too bad.. one step closer to Friday though.. WOO!

This weekend I received a little present I had ordered myself.. a screen printing set(yipee!). I have had my eye on this set since last year but never been brave enough to part with my cash and start experimenting. Well with a little bit of spare birthday money I thought now would be the perfect time.

I have purchased a book about screen printing at home too and am now all ready to go. I planned to get cracking on Saturday but after reading the instructions realized I had to wash the fabric first (woops) so I had to wait a little bit longer! In the mean time I have been busily sketching ideas in my sketchbook and doing some trials, printing on fabric with a stamp I made. Later I used my sewing machine (by myself... how brave am I???) to stitch around my motif. I am super pleased with the result and am keen to get screen printing and make my first proper collection.

Sneak peak of what I've been doing
Isn't it funny that as soon as you start being creative your brain just goes into overdrive and comes up with more and more ideas. I have now popped a little notebook in my bag so if inspiration strikes I am ready to note it all down.

Saw this on pinterest, so true..

I hope you have a wonderful week and will update you when I do my first run of screen printing at home!

See you soon 

A few bits and bobs..


Well just a little update with what has been going on. Although the blog has been quiet, I have been being very creative, I promise.

I completed the final brief a couple of weeks ago for the Make It in Design Summer School. The brief was Jewels. I was really happy with my final design. I think It's the colours that I feel makes it work.

Once the Summer school was over a needed a new challenge, I certainly had one of those lined up. A couple of months ago you may remember that I signed up to a sewing machine course at New College in Swindon. Well the course came around quickly and I attended on Saturday with my brand new (pink) sewing machine. I hadn't got it out the box since my birthday so I was keen (and a little frightened) to get sewing. I just prayed I didn't sew my hair/sleeve/hand to the cushion cover we were making..
Luckily a lot of the class had, had their sewing machine for a while and theirs hadn't made it out the box either. So we were all in the same terrified boat. I shouldn't have been so scared. The day flew by and by the end of it I had my very own cushion cover with concealed zip and I am happy to say nothing got sewn on that shouldn't be there and no trips to A&E were needed to get a sewing machine removed from my hand!  AND I only had to unpick one line of stitches... YEAY GO ME!
I am very pleased with my cushion!
Unfortunately the other course I signed up to 'Using Textiles' got cancelled , So instead I have signed up to learn how to make curtains and other soft furnishings (I am a glutton for punishment!).
Hopefully by the end of the 8 weeks course I will be a dab hand with my sewing machine or at the very least a little less frightened of it!
Have a good evening,
See you soon