A few bits and bobs..


Well just a little update with what has been going on. Although the blog has been quiet, I have been being very creative, I promise.

I completed the final brief a couple of weeks ago for the Make It in Design Summer School. The brief was Jewels. I was really happy with my final design. I think It's the colours that I feel makes it work.

Once the Summer school was over a needed a new challenge, I certainly had one of those lined up. A couple of months ago you may remember that I signed up to a sewing machine course at New College in Swindon. Well the course came around quickly and I attended on Saturday with my brand new (pink) sewing machine. I hadn't got it out the box since my birthday so I was keen (and a little frightened) to get sewing. I just prayed I didn't sew my hair/sleeve/hand to the cushion cover we were making..
Luckily a lot of the class had, had their sewing machine for a while and theirs hadn't made it out the box either. So we were all in the same terrified boat. I shouldn't have been so scared. The day flew by and by the end of it I had my very own cushion cover with concealed zip and I am happy to say nothing got sewn on that shouldn't be there and no trips to A&E were needed to get a sewing machine removed from my hand!  AND I only had to unpick one line of stitches... YEAY GO ME!
I am very pleased with my cushion!
Unfortunately the other course I signed up to 'Using Textiles' got cancelled , So instead I have signed up to learn how to make curtains and other soft furnishings (I am a glutton for punishment!).
Hopefully by the end of the 8 weeks course I will be a dab hand with my sewing machine or at the very least a little less frightened of it!
Have a good evening,
See you soon