I'm getting brave..

Hi, Happy Friday eve :)

I've been having a week of more experimentation and trying out new things. As I've mentioned I'm learning how to sew, I'm really enjoying it and learning about all the things that are possible to do with the humble (pink) sewing machine.

Yesterday I received two new books I had ordered from Poppy Treffry. I LOVE her work and her quirky style. I am keen to learn how to embroider on my machine (to be honest I didn't realize there was a difference between just sewing and machine embroidery but hey there is!!). 

So with Poppy's gorgeous books in tow, an embroidery hoop (also completely new to me) an embroidery foot (who knew?) and the darning plate on (I know, I cant believe I managed it either) I was armed and ready to get embroidering. 

Well let me tell you, It's a whole new kettle of fish. It's so free, and flowy and FUN! Now my first attempts are a bit (VERY) wobbly but I'm proud of every stitch. Even the ones that look as if I drank a bottle of gin before starting (I didn't, it was just tea I promise).

The possibilities are endless. I definitely need to practice, practice, practice. But I'm so proud of how far I've come, especially from this post

Right back to it, now where's the gin, I mean tea!

See you soon