Planning my new collection..


Hope everyone's Monday hasn't been too bad.. one step closer to Friday though.. WOO!

This weekend I received a little present I had ordered myself.. a screen printing set(yipee!). I have had my eye on this set since last year but never been brave enough to part with my cash and start experimenting. Well with a little bit of spare birthday money I thought now would be the perfect time.

I have purchased a book about screen printing at home too and am now all ready to go. I planned to get cracking on Saturday but after reading the instructions realized I had to wash the fabric first (woops) so I had to wait a little bit longer! In the mean time I have been busily sketching ideas in my sketchbook and doing some trials, printing on fabric with a stamp I made. Later I used my sewing machine (by myself... how brave am I???) to stitch around my motif. I am super pleased with the result and am keen to get screen printing and make my first proper collection.

Sneak peak of what I've been doing
Isn't it funny that as soon as you start being creative your brain just goes into overdrive and comes up with more and more ideas. I have now popped a little notebook in my bag so if inspiration strikes I am ready to note it all down.

Saw this on pinterest, so true..

I hope you have a wonderful week and will update you when I do my first run of screen printing at home!

See you soon