Birthday fun...

Happy Monday :)

This weekend was my other half's birthday, we had such a fab time, he was a Zoo Keeper for a day at Dudley Zoo. It was such a fun day. I will post more about that (with loads of pics) later in the week!

I decided this year, I was going to hand make a card and some wrapping paper for him. We have been together 8 years and there are only so my soppy cards you can buy for one another so I decided this year to make my own (soppy) card!

I  chose a quote that I'd said to him a few days ago, which had made him laugh. I really like the bold print against the kraft card. I think I have accidentally stumbled across a new range! 

I also hand-printed this wrapping paper with a stamp that I made. I really quite like it too. It's so much fun printing your own card/wrap, it just makes the gifts a bit more personal. 

Watch out Christmas I'm printing mad at the moment!

Have a good week,

See you soon,