Success comes in all shapes and sizes...

...Mine came in the shape of an egg cosy! YEAY! I've been having a look through my new books and bookmarking products I think my designs might look snazzy on. And the humble little egg cosy was one I thought would be super cute to make (I wasn't wrong). 

Now as you know from previous posts like this one I am not natural at sewing and I'm fairly new at it but I'm (slowly) getting there. So I thought a cheeky little egg cosy would be a nice project to start with.

My first attempt didn't go quite to plan, I ended up sewing all the edges together with it inside out (thank god for that stitch unpicking-thingy-ma-bob)and I didn't believe the template was the right size so made it smaller. What I ended up with was, not so much of a cosy, but an egg hat, that had to sit on top of the egg and not snuggle around it.

Not one to be 'beaten' (sorry) by an egg cosy I had another go last night with another of my designs. And excited squeak it worked....eeeeee how eggcellent (sorry again). I love my little cosy, look how cute it is! YEAY! 

See you soon