2015 Goals


Happy Tuesday, hope your week is going well so far. It's my first working week after the Christmas break and as I mentioned in my last post I've started a new job too so super tired already. But it's going well so far.

I have promised myself not to let my blog or 'May I Design' fade off into the background again, so I've been busily trying to set myself some goals for the coming year. I've looked back through my blog posts over the last few years and I feel a bit sad that I haven't full on committed myself to my dream of designing for a living, so this year I'm really going to push myself.

I've decided on a challenge. To create and produce a new design each month. So from the very early stages of doing a inspiration board, to designing and printing my fabric to producing a styled end photograph. Towards the end of last year I started looking at Pinterest, at the beautifully styled photographs and mood boards and felt really inspired,  you can take a peep at my boards here

I think this will really challenge me and also get me seriously thinking about my designs and what products I'd like to see my prints on. 

I will also be doing my 'May I Do Business' posts as and when I reach new milestones and make new discoveries.

All in all I'm super excited about what 2015 will mean for both me and May I Design. It's time to stop making excuses now and really crack on.

Ooops I didn't mean for this to be such a long post, sorry! 

See you soon,