January Design: Mood board...


Well we have successfully made it to the end of January's first full working week (WOO HOO Go us!)

I've just started thinking about what my first project of 2015 is going to be. On Friday night I treated myself to a selection of magazines to start getting inspired.

I love flicking through the pages they are like my version of a picture book! I especially like looking at the styling of the photography.

I tend to tear the pages out that I like the most and attach them to my craft room wall as my 'inspiration wall' with little notes about why I like each image.

So this brings me to what my subject will be for this months challenge. I've decided on 'Houses'. This is a motif that I keep returning to. Back in July 2013 I used Potato printing with a house motif for my A-Z Challenge  

I loved the imperfect lines and the 'rickerty' quality. I wanted to develop this motif further, so I started on my mood board and this is what I have come up with.

I have used some of my own artwork with images that I have seen in magazines and torn out. The bottom left hand picture is a row of houses that I pass on my way to work, I love the higgledy piggledy nature of them and the charm they have.

So that is where I'm up to. I now need to get cracking with sketching motifs.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
see you soon