Experimenting with new ideas...

I've been trying out new techniques to get my designs onto fabric and paper.  A while ago I bought a screen printing set and thought that would be a fab way to print my designs. I used to screen print at uni but there they had all fancy machinery to get the designs onto the screen. I, however, hand drew the designs then used a blocking solution.

 So I set up my screen, the screen block always takes longer to dry than I think, so it took me a few days to get going properly.

I just love printing and the instant results. I also love the differences in each print, each has it's own individual quirks.

This is the results of the print on a greetings card, I really like it. I have some more ideas I'd like to try so watch this space.

Hope you're having a happy week.
See you soon

A personal post...

Who has been glued to watching the London Marathon on TV today? I certainly have, and a HUGE congratulations if you actually took part! I may one day buck up the courage to enter but not just yet! I did do the Great North Run (a half marathon) a few years a go and vowed never to do that distance again after losing four toenails and not being able to walk properly for a week!!

Anywho, I bet you wondering why I'm rabbiting on about this? well, as well as setting up my craft business I have also set myself a another challenge! 

This January my Gran, known to me as Granny Bannany, sadly passed away. Five years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's it was awful watching the illness take hold and seeing her getting progressively worse. My Gran was a very special lady always putting others before herself, could talk to anyone (and would) and had a great sense of humour. Every summer we used to go and visit her in the north east and we would spend every Christmas with her too. Needless to say I miss her very much and think about her every day.

Two years ago I completed the Lichfield 10k raising over £400 for The Alzheimer's Society, thank you to all those who sponsored me. This year I needed to raise the bar so I'm taking on the Wolf Run with a group of my friends (I hope they'll still be my friend afterwards!). It's a 10k but with a multitude of obstacles. OBSTACLES. Those that know me will know I'm quite a clumsy person, so this is going to be a hoot (This is how I sold it to the girls). There's going to be lakes to swim across, those big net things to climb over, tyres to run over, monkey bars, walls to scale (oh goodness me, what are we doing?). You can watch a video of what we're going to be facing here.

It all takes place on 13th June the day after, what would have been, Gran's 89th Birthday. Our team name is going to be 'The Granny Bananettes' and of course we are going to get T-shirts made!

If you would like to sponsor us you can do here:
https://www.justgiving.com/TheGrannyBananettes  Thank you :)

I may do a little review of my training here on my blog just to keep me going! 

Thanks for reading this and hope you have a lovely Sunday.

See you soon (possibly scaling a wall!)

What I've been pinning this week...

... fresh from visiting Carole Baker's studio yesterday I have been busy pinning studios I would like to have over on Pinterest. Mine would have to be considerably smaller than Carole's (a tent would probably just fit in my garden) but still, I can dream!

you can follow my 'studio space' board here

Image Source
Look at this cute potting shed what a fantastic use of space.

Image source

Love these, they are so cute, I would be as happy as Larry working away in one of these!

Image Source
I am very lucky at present to have a craft room, but I have sooo much stuff I really need to have a good sort out. I also share it with my partner but I'm slowly (accidentally of course) taking over his side too. But I can always dream about having my own studio!

I would love to see your work spaces please share with me on facebook or Twitter.

See you soon

A visit to Carole Baker's studio...

Good evening,

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday. I most certainly have. This morning Mum and I went along to Carole Baker's open studio day. Carole is a local artist who produces the most wonderful paintings. She uses acrylics, watercolours and collage to create her vibrant and emotive paintings.

Carole teaches workshops from her purpose built studio as well as in Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lichfield. My Mum who also works in watercolours (she is really good even if she doesn't think so!) has attended lots of Carole's workshops and would definitely recommend them.

Anywhoo, so today Mum and I went to have a mooch around and WOWEE we were not disappointed. Her studio has recently been finished and was built especially for her to paint in and the views, my goodness the views...

I'm super jealous but it's not just outside that there are fantastic things to see, inside her work adorns the walls.

They are fab, the more you look at each painting the more you discover. 

Carole is taking part in a 365 day challenge where she is producing a painting everyday of this year. Take a look here, she sells them over on her facebook page. My Mum said she would treat me to one of Carole's challenge paintings and as they are all so special I ended up buying myself one too!! 

Day 76 Breaking Waves Sennen Cove 

Day 42 Storm Brewing
If you get chance I definitely recommend you go to one of Carol's open studio days or maybe even sign up to a workshop I know I'd like too.

Carole in her (wonderful) studio

See you soon

Lichfield Cathedral...

As part of my Spring Into Design challenge I stitched the Lichfield Cathedral for the prompt 'Home'. Once I posted it on facebook I had a couple of people ask me to stitch one for them too. What a compliment, I was super excited to get cracking.

This design is one of the most complicated stitched pictures I've done, but I'm really chuffed with how it looks. 

I think now it's all framed it looks quite special, what do you think?

If you would be interested in having a house/venue portrait done please contact me here prices start from £30 + P&P. 

See you soon 

What I've been pinning this week ...

I don't know about you, but I am an absolute Pinterest addict. I can let hours slip away while I'm scrolling through loads of beautiful images and finding new boards and pins to follow. I find it so useful for inspiration. I definitely encourage you to join (but it does come with a warning it's VERY addictive)

This week I've been pinning lots of gorgeous buildings from around the country both real ones and handmade ones take a peep here...

I'm going to start my #100dayproject tomorrow where I'm going to do one thing everyday to get me closer to my goal of getting May I Design up and running.

Oh and just quickly I saw this quote and found it quite funny...

Hope your having a lovely weekend
See you soon

A giveaway, a wedding and a brand new challenge...

Evening all,

Hasn't the weather been fab? I love it. So nice to see the sunshine, everything just seems happier.

The giveaway winner was chosen on Monday and was announced over on my facebook page so this lovely prize will be heading their way :)

On Sunday, my partner and I were invited to a wedding reception in Moreton-in-Marsh at the stunning Manor house hotel. It was for a lovely couple who my partner used to work with. We had such a fab evening celebrating with them (don't you just love a wedding?) As a gift for them I stitched the venue that they got married in:

As it was an hour away I went on to Google images and worked off the photographs on there:

Image Source

Image source

The happy couple have been in touch and said they loved their gift, Yeay! 

If you would like a bespoke stitched wedding gift, please contact me here.

Now onto the new challenge, I've recently seen an idea where you create something new for 100 days, it's called #100dayproject. It could be a recipe, art, a photograph. Anywhoo as I've recently finished my spring into design challenge I thought I could mix it up a bit. For each of the 100 days I'm going to do one small thing that will help make my dream of turning May I Design into a lovely little business a reality. I'm going to do it as part of my May I do Business series that I started last November you can see what it's about here (doesn't time fly?)

Well that's all my news! I hope your having a happy week.

See you soon


To say a massive thank you for all your support on my spring into design challenge I am giving away a freehand machine embroidered, framed picture worth £25. 

Simply head over to my facebook page here and like and share the giveaway post and comment 'done' underneath.

 The winner will be announced at 7pm tomorrow night.

Good luck!

Spring into design showcase...

... I wasn't the only one that took part in spring into design other designers did too. Some did all the prompts and some just did a few, I  was just super excited that anyone took part!

Lisa Kirkbride is one designer that did all 31 designs. She has such a strong signature style and it's been an absolute delight seeing her daily designs pop up on my news feed on facebook. you can see more of her designs on her facebook, instagram or buy some goodies in her etsy shop:

Another fabulous designer that took part in the full 31 days was Yaz Raja. She not only did these 31 designs, but she is doing a design a day for each day of this year, I thought 31 days was hard to comitt to but 365 days ... wow wee, you can follow her designs here on her blog, follow her facebook here or buy her goodies here

Agnieszka KobyliƄska chose a few of the spring 
into design prompts to inspire a bigger collection, 
her work is so detailed and her use of watercolour is 
beautiful. I'm also very excited that my challenge 
has travelled all the way to Warsaw, Poland. 
You can take a look at Agnieszka's 
gorgeous work here

If you would like to see more of the wonderful designers that took part search the #springintodesign hashtag on Instagram.

 Thank you so much to everyone that has taken part it's been wonderful to see everyone's interpretations of the prompts so THANK YOU!

See you soon

31 new designs...

Good Morning,

Well there they are all 31 sparkly new designs, I'm really proud of my new collection of work. How exciting!

If you would like to see where it all started you can do here. 

I'd love to know which one is your favourite? Feel free to comment below.

See you tomorrow with a showcase of other designers who took part.