A personal post...

Who has been glued to watching the London Marathon on TV today? I certainly have, and a HUGE congratulations if you actually took part! I may one day buck up the courage to enter but not just yet! I did do the Great North Run (a half marathon) a few years a go and vowed never to do that distance again after losing four toenails and not being able to walk properly for a week!!

Anywho, I bet you wondering why I'm rabbiting on about this? well, as well as setting up my craft business I have also set myself a another challenge! 

This January my Gran, known to me as Granny Bannany, sadly passed away. Five years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's it was awful watching the illness take hold and seeing her getting progressively worse. My Gran was a very special lady always putting others before herself, could talk to anyone (and would) and had a great sense of humour. Every summer we used to go and visit her in the north east and we would spend every Christmas with her too. Needless to say I miss her very much and think about her every day.

Two years ago I completed the Lichfield 10k raising over £400 for The Alzheimer's Society, thank you to all those who sponsored me. This year I needed to raise the bar so I'm taking on the Wolf Run with a group of my friends (I hope they'll still be my friend afterwards!). It's a 10k but with a multitude of obstacles. OBSTACLES. Those that know me will know I'm quite a clumsy person, so this is going to be a hoot (This is how I sold it to the girls). There's going to be lakes to swim across, those big net things to climb over, tyres to run over, monkey bars, walls to scale (oh goodness me, what are we doing?). You can watch a video of what we're going to be facing here.

It all takes place on 13th June the day after, what would have been, Gran's 89th Birthday. Our team name is going to be 'The Granny Bananettes' and of course we are going to get T-shirts made!

If you would like to sponsor us you can do here:
https://www.justgiving.com/TheGrannyBananettes  Thank you :)

I may do a little review of my training here on my blog just to keep me going! 

Thanks for reading this and hope you have a lovely Sunday.

See you soon (possibly scaling a wall!)