A visit to Carole Baker's studio...

Good evening,

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday. I most certainly have. This morning Mum and I went along to Carole Baker's open studio day. Carole is a local artist who produces the most wonderful paintings. She uses acrylics, watercolours and collage to create her vibrant and emotive paintings.

Carole teaches workshops from her purpose built studio as well as in Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lichfield. My Mum who also works in watercolours (she is really good even if she doesn't think so!) has attended lots of Carole's workshops and would definitely recommend them.

Anywhoo, so today Mum and I went to have a mooch around and WOWEE we were not disappointed. Her studio has recently been finished and was built especially for her to paint in and the views, my goodness the views...

I'm super jealous but it's not just outside that there are fantastic things to see, inside her work adorns the walls.

They are fab, the more you look at each painting the more you discover. 

Carole is taking part in a 365 day challenge where she is producing a painting everyday of this year. Take a look here, she sells them over on her facebook page. My Mum said she would treat me to one of Carole's challenge paintings and as they are all so special I ended up buying myself one too!! 

Day 76 Breaking Waves Sennen Cove 

Day 42 Storm Brewing
If you get chance I definitely recommend you go to one of Carol's open studio days or maybe even sign up to a workshop I know I'd like too.

Carole in her (wonderful) studio

See you soon