Spring into design showcase...

... I wasn't the only one that took part in spring into design other designers did too. Some did all the prompts and some just did a few, I  was just super excited that anyone took part!

Lisa Kirkbride is one designer that did all 31 designs. She has such a strong signature style and it's been an absolute delight seeing her daily designs pop up on my news feed on facebook. you can see more of her designs on her facebook, instagram or buy some goodies in her etsy shop:

Another fabulous designer that took part in the full 31 days was Yaz Raja. She not only did these 31 designs, but she is doing a design a day for each day of this year, I thought 31 days was hard to comitt to but 365 days ... wow wee, you can follow her designs here on her blog, follow her facebook here or buy her goodies here

Agnieszka KobyliƄska chose a few of the spring 
into design prompts to inspire a bigger collection, 
her work is so detailed and her use of watercolour is 
beautiful. I'm also very excited that my challenge 
has travelled all the way to Warsaw, Poland. 
You can take a look at Agnieszka's 
gorgeous work here

If you would like to see more of the wonderful designers that took part search the #springintodesign hashtag on Instagram.

 Thank you so much to everyone that has taken part it's been wonderful to see everyone's interpretations of the prompts so THANK YOU!

See you soon