Woohoo I'm back...

Well hello there,

How quickly time flies... I'm back from my two weeks away then gave myself one more week to settled back into the day job, but now I'm raring to go.

My fiance and I went off to Tunisia for two weeks and it was great seeing his family, enjoying the sunshine and taking in the wonderful colours, culture and trying (unsucessfully) to learn the language.

Two days after returning from holiday me and 5 friends 'The Granny Bananettes' took part in The Wolf Run to raise money for The Alzheimer's Society you can read more about why here . And good grief it was HARD! It was a 10k obstacle course through lakes, masses and masses of mud, hay bales, tyres, nets, logs and much more mud! It was crazy but my goodness it was worth it the gals and I raised over £1000 for The Alzheimer's Society. This was double what our target was, how amazing is that? Massive thank you to those that sponsored us!

But now I'm back in Swindon and ready for my next challenge to really get May I Design up and running. I have booked in to a craft fair in August as a goal to get lots of lovely stitched goodies made and out there to sell. I would also like to set up a website, an etsy shop and if possible I'd like a few more hours in the day!! 

I'll be posting quite frequently on my facebook page and Instagram so you can head over there and follow May I designs adventures if you like. 

Have a lovely Sunday,
See you soon