Website Conundrums....

Hello there,

Happiest of Mondays to you!

Monday is my day off in the week as I have to work on Saturday's (I swear this should be illegal!). So today I am busy working on behind the scenes stuff for May I Design.

Before I went on holiday I purchased this book and have slowly been working through it.

I'm currently on week 4 and so far it has been very helpful. I thought it would give me a boost to really LAUNCH my little handmade company in a few weeks time.

Today I have been focusing on website design. I have owned for years and the same message has been on my homepage 'under construction visit again soon' well it's been under construction since about 2010 and I'm still no further on with it! I wonder whether just to link my domain name to my blog, or do I need a website as a home for my business?!

Would any other designers and crafters recommend a web developer they have worked with? I think I only need a basic website as I am going to use Etsy as my shop and have outside link to my blog and social media. I just need someone to get my started I think!

So this is what my Monday is consisting of lots of research and trying to get my business a little home!

Hope you're having a good Monday,
See you soon (maybe with a new website!)