The Sunday Post (on a Monday)


Happy bank holiday, Yipeee!

This week has been a busy one. I've been getting ready for my first craft fair with my new stitched work. I've been framing pieces and making a gazillion lists so I don't forget anything.

I've also been able to show a house portrait I completed a few weeks a go for a groom to give to his bride. What a lovely idea... 

I've also been stitching more mini pictures (because I think they're dead cute!)

The craft fair was upstairs in Lichfield guildhall, so on Friday I drove back to my parents house and spent the evening setting up how I wanted the stall to look. 

This is how it looked on the day...

I was really chuffed with how my stall looked and got lots of lovely compliments and sold a few things. More excitingly I got enquiries about my house and venue portraits which is just fantastic :) I had these as flyers out on my table...

If you're interested please get in touch you can see more examples of my work over on my facebook page. 

Have a fab bank holiday
see you soon,

The Sunday Post...

Good morning,

I didn't do my Sunday catch up post last week as I was away for a few days in Northumberland for my birthday. My chap and I traveled up on Saturday via Tynemouth where I used to go on holiday every summer to see my Granny Bannany. It was lovely to go back there and the sun way shining which was even better. I made friends with a seagull, but I think to be fair, he was just after my fish and chips....

We then drove on up the coast to Rothbury where we stayed in a most beautiful B&B with wonderful views to look out on over breakfast.

We ventured into Alnwick where there was the most lovely buildings. 

Not forgetting the wonderful Alnwick castle where I was treated to lunch in the tree house restaurant...

It was a really fab weekend. It's definitely nice to get away and see what the UK has to offer. Northumberland really is a beautiful place.

Now I'm back I have got  a lot to do as it's just one week until my craft fair in Lichfield at the guild hall next Saturday. If you're around please pop in to say hello it's open from 10-4.

See you soon

The Sunday Update...

Good morning folks,

It's been a little while since I've posted so thought I'd do a little update as a few things have been going on.

Last Sunday I went back to The Makery in Bath and had a little refresher on how to make a cushion cover. I'm so used to using my machine for freehand embroidery I kind of forgot it can make allsorts of other things too.

Excuse the creases! I've super happy with it as the seams are actually quite neat! 

At the end of August I'm doing a craft fair so have been getting stuff ready for that. Firstly I got these beautiful business cards....

I also got this stamp made from The English Stamp Company so I can stamp the back of my handmade cards and paper bags, I love it....

I have also completed a special commission but I can't show that to you yet as it's not been given to the recipient!

So there we are, it's been a lovely week filled with exciting things.

I shall try and post every Sunday with what's been happening! 

Have a great week,
See you soon