The Sunday Update...

Good morning folks,

It's been a little while since I've posted so thought I'd do a little update as a few things have been going on.

Last Sunday I went back to The Makery in Bath and had a little refresher on how to make a cushion cover. I'm so used to using my machine for freehand embroidery I kind of forgot it can make allsorts of other things too.

Excuse the creases! I've super happy with it as the seams are actually quite neat! 

At the end of August I'm doing a craft fair so have been getting stuff ready for that. Firstly I got these beautiful business cards....

I also got this stamp made from The English Stamp Company so I can stamp the back of my handmade cards and paper bags, I love it....

I have also completed a special commission but I can't show that to you yet as it's not been given to the recipient!

So there we are, it's been a lovely week filled with exciting things.

I shall try and post every Sunday with what's been happening! 

Have a great week,
See you soon