The Sunday Post...

Good evening,

I hope I find you well.

This is really last weeks Sunday post but when I got back from my little trip away I felt a bit poorly so never got round to doing the post.

My Mum and I went away to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire for a few days to go and visit the Heart Gallery. As you may know from previous posts I absolutely LOVE the work of Kirsty Elson Designs and have been desperate to buy a piece of her work for a long time.

The Heart gallery was having a 'meet the maker' evening for their 'Time and Tide' exhibition which is a collaboration between Kirsty's work and Angela Smyth's wonderful paintings.

I knew I really wanted to go so Mum and I made it a girly few days.

We were first in the queue on the Thursday night's preview evening as I was worried all Kirsty's work would sell before I got there. I was so excited to meet both the artists. It was such a pleasure to chat with them. Although I did turn into a bit of a 'Fan Girl' and got very excited.

I then had the tricky decision of which driftwood house I wanted to buy. They were all gorgeous. I finally set my heart on two. Well truth be told three but Mum reined me in! I also had my photo taken with Kirsty Elson and one of the pieces I bought...

It was a wonderful evening. 

The next day Mum and I enjoyed exploring Hebden Bridge, looking around the shops and walking down the canal paths as well as stopping for the odd cup of tea (glass of wine).

These are the two happy pieces I bought:

I have returned home filled with inspiration for my own work and a desire to really achieve my dream of becoming a designer maker. Maybe one day I'll see my own work in a gallery, now that would be exciting.

The Time and Tide exhibition runs until November 15th. I definitely recommend a trip to the Heart Gallery - it is filled with such wonderful work.

See you next week