*** Deadline for House and Venue Portraits ***

Good morning,

What a gorgeous morning it is, so bright and crisp!

Just thought I'd pop by to let you know if you did want a house or venue portrait in time for Christmas the cut off date to get your order in is this Sunday 4th December.

If you would like a quotation simply email me a photograph of the house or venue to: hello@mayidesign.co.uk Prices start from £35 + p&p or fill out the contact form on the right hand side and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a lovely Wednesday

{ The Sunday Post } Freehand Machine Embroidery Workshop

Good morning,

I have some very exciting news... Next year I'm running a one day freehand machine embroidery workshop at New College in Swindon.

I'll be teaching how to hoop up your fabric and use your domestic sewing machine to stitch freehand and create super exciting wobbly lines. I've never taught before so it's going to be a little bit nerve-racking but I hope to have a fun 4 hours creating some wonderful pics.

If you would like more information please email me at hello@mayidesign.co.uk.

Also, The deadline to get your house or venue portrait order in, in time for Christmas is next weekend Sunday 4th December so please get in touch before then. Prices start from £35 + P&P please either email me at hello@mayidesign.co.uk or fill in the contact form on the right hand side.

Have a wonderful week.
See you soon


{ The Sunday Post } Looking to 2017

Good morning,

Can you believe there's only 5 more Monday's until Christmas? Which means there is only 6 more Monday's until the start of 2017! (Goodness me!)

One thing I would love to explore more in 2017 is wedding stationery using my venue stitches. The lovely couple would received a stitched portrait of their wedding venue and then I would create wedding stationery from the stitch.

I would love to know do you prefer the normal greeting cards style wedding stationery or so you like the post card style? I'm in the very early stages of thinking about this so would love any information or ideas!

Remember there's still time to order your house and venue portrait in time for Christmas If you would like more information please email me at hello@mayidesign.co.uk or fill in the contact form on the right hand side and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Each stitch comes in a simple black frame which measures 27.5 cm x 22 cm and the mounted picture measures 17 cm x 12 cm. Prices start from £35 + postage and packaging.

See you soon

{ The Sunday Post } A selection of house and venue portraits

Good morning,

Happy Sunday! I've been a busy bee this week stitching wedding venues, family homes and Christmassy doors. Sadly I cant show you any of these yet as they are for Christmas gifts but I thought I'd show you a selection of my faves from over this year...

If you would like more information about house and venue portraits please email me at hello@mayidesign.co.uk or fill in the contact form on the right hand side and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Each stitch comes in a simple black frame which measures 27.5 cm x 22 cm and the mounted picture measures 17 cm x 12 cm. Prices start from £35 + postage and packaging.
I look forward to hearing from you.
See you soon

The Monday Post - Country Living Magazine

Good afternoon,

Where is the time going please? It just seems to be flying by, I'd  like to press pause and get sorted but alas that's not how time works (damn it!)

Have you picked up this months Country Living magazine? Because you really should, not only is it filled with wonderful Christmassy pics and articles but it also has May I Design in this month in the Christmas gift guide... Yippeee! 

If you would like a quote for a house or venue portraits please fill in the form on the right hand side or email me at hello@mayidesign.co.uk  The cut off date for Christmas orders is Sunday 4th December so do get in touch.

See you soon

{The Monday Post} 2 months until Christmas Eve

Good morning,

Well today being the 24th October can only mean one thing it's just two months until Christmas Eve is here (YIPEE!). Now I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I didn't tell you that house and venue portraits will make a really special gift idea. All you need to do is send me a pic of the house or venue you would like stitching to hello@mayidesign.co.uk and I can give you a quote, easy as (mince) pie!

Here are a little selection of venue portraits and  door-scapes I've stitched recently...

I look forward to hearing from you! Have a good week!

See you soon

{ The Sunday post } Barcelona

Good afternoon,

This week me and my chap took a last minute trip to Barcelona. We booked it Tuesday morning and flew out that evening! (Totally unlike me that likes to plan and prepare for everything!) We stayed in Mataro which was about 30 minutes outside Barcelona centre. It was lovely as it was right by the beach, had a lovely little town but also a lot quieter than Barcelona centre so was just perfect.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Barcelona was to see Gaudi's architecture. We were meant to go for a walking tour to see all the buildings but the day before we had done a different tour and I was all walked out! So we moseyed around at a more leisurely pace...

Two of the buildings were having work done the Cathedral and one other that we couldn't see at all as it was all covered up!

Barcelona wasn't completely what I expected, I thought there was going to be beautiful architecture everywhere but in actual fact if you didn't look up I think you would miss it, as the shop fronts were all quite modern and then the flats above had the gorgeous balconies, windows and shutters.

Luckily Mataro had loads of beautiful doors and windows at ground level that I could photograph more easily!

I will be popping more photographs on my Instagram and there is a couple of videos of Gaudi's Architecture on my facebook if you would like to have a look.

Since I went away I got lots of house portrait orders and enquires, I think maybe I should go away more often!

I best crack on, have a lovely Sunday

{ The Sunday Post } Exciting times

Good morning,

Happy Weekend!

This week has been an exciting one, I posted two new designs off to the wonderful Top Of The Hill Gallery in Frome. I went there a few months ago and fell in love with their gallery. They are stocking an example of both a house portrait and venue portrait to take orders from. I'm really chuffed to have my work in there.

On another slightly more random note,
Does anyone else have the app Timehop on their phones?  I quite like it as it bring up statuses and photographs from Facebook over the last few years. Well yesterday this popped up on mine from four years ago....

I've always dreamt about having my own little craft business and this year I've really given it my all. I'm so excited my work is now stocked in The Merchant's House in Marlborough, Emporium Gallery in Lichfield and now Top of the Hill in Frome. This to me is such a huge step and I'm soooo happy. My 4 years-ago self would be super proud!  Here's to the last 3 months of 2016!

See you next week


P.s Christmas is THREE MONTHS TODAY (how did that happen please?!) if you would like more info about house and venue portraits please go to the tab at the top of this page or email me at hello@mayidesign.co.uk

{ The Sunday Post } The Lichfield Collection

Good morning,

The sun is shining in Wiltshire on this beautiful Sunday morning. I hope it is with you too.

Thought I'd pop by and show you the Lichfield collection that I have recently stitched for Emporium gallery in Lichfield. As you know if you've read my blog for a while, I grew up in Lichfield  and loved it but moved away about 4 years ago. Luckily my parents and friends still live there so I go back often to visit. So I was delighted when Emporium said they would stock my local stitches.

Lichfield Cathedral

Lichfield Guildhall

Erasmus Darwin's House, Lichfield

Cathedral Close Doorscape, Lichfiled

And two new ones:

Dr Johnson's Birthplace & Museum, Lichfield

Lichfield Registry Office

Selection of cards printed from the original stitches

So pop in if you're around and have a little peep in Emporium they really do have some fantastic art in there.

See you soon,

The Sunday Post

Good evening,

Just a short post today! Don't forget that as well as my house portraits I've got a collection of cards that are printed from my original stitches, you can find these in my Etsy shop you can see them here.

I hope you've had a good week!

See you soon

The Sunday Post - on an actual Sunday

Evening, I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post! I also cant believe it's SEPTEMBER - I hope I'm not the only one freaking out about this? 3 months until Christmas, how the dickens has that happened? I'm sure it's only just been!

Since my last post I have been a busy bee stitching lots of house and venue portraits and having exciting chats with more galleries with the possibility of supplying my work. More on that at a later date. I have also turned 30 (this is freaking me out nearly as much as the fact Christmas is only 3 months away)

Anyway while I pull myself together here is a little look at some of my recent work...

My 30th new years resolution is to update my blog more, even if it's a pic here and there or an artists work that I love! We will see! However, if I do continue to be a bit rubbish I am a lot more active over on my Facey-b page and Instagram so come say hello over there.

Anwhoo I'm off to finish my drawings for today so I can bagsy my place on the sofa for Poldark!

See you soon (next week, maybe?)