Recent Work...

Evening all,

As I've been so quiet I thought I'd show you some work that I've been stitching recently. I am so lucky to get such wonderful commissions...

 A gorgeous welsh cottage with fab red phone box in the front garden- how brill!

A picturesque home stitched as a Christmas present <3

This stitched cottage made the recipient cry, I'm assured they were happy tears!

An extraordinary wedding venue complete with red carpet!

A gorgeous bungalow with beautiful pink blossom tree!

Which is your favourite? 

If you're interested in having a stitched house or venue portrait please get in touch via or through my facebook page

See you soon

Happy New Year


Happy New Year. I cannot believe another year has gone by! What's more I cannot believe I'm going to be 30 this year! Flippin' heck!

I thought I'd share with you my goals for the upcoming year. I had originally thought I would challenge myself to spend at least 30 minutes a day on May I design. Fitting it in when I could and around my full time job but making sure I spent a minimum of half an hour a day on it. But then I came across the 100 day challenge set by The Business bakery. Julia Bickerstaff has set a fab challenge of setting a specific goal and working on it for 100 days completing tasks as you go.
Julia has created a very handy workbook and work sheets to note down micro goals and a list of 100 steps that will get you closer to your achievement. Me being me, I'm slightly behind as I was back at work last week but I will get there! Today has been spent planning and choosing my 100 steps.

I'm super excited to see what opportunities arise this year and I hope to seize every single one!

See you soon