A-Z Pattern Challenge 2016

Good morning,

Every now and again I like to set a little design challenge to get cracking on new work. Last year I did the Spring into Design challenge where I created a design a day for each day in March. You may recognise some of these as card designs in my Etsy shop:

A couple of years a go (before I got into textiles and embroidery) I did an A-Z Challenge. The below pic was taken from a potato print design:

H was for Houses

This year I've decided instead of doing a 'design a day challenge' to do another A-Z challenge and try to complete it during March/April(possibly even May!). I have created a completely random list of prompts that I hope will help spark some ideas:

If you would like to get involved too please do. You can use any medium you like, paint, pencil, digital, photography, collage, textiles the list goes on. I would like to experiment more with mixed media, but we'll see! If you are going to get involved please use the hashtag #AZchallenge just so we can all take a peep at the different designs being created!

Right I'm off to get cracking.
See you soon