{ The Sunday post } Barcelona

Good afternoon,

This week me and my chap took a last minute trip to Barcelona. We booked it Tuesday morning and flew out that evening! (Totally unlike me that likes to plan and prepare for everything!) We stayed in Mataro which was about 30 minutes outside Barcelona centre. It was lovely as it was right by the beach, had a lovely little town but also a lot quieter than Barcelona centre so was just perfect.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Barcelona was to see Gaudi's architecture. We were meant to go for a walking tour to see all the buildings but the day before we had done a different tour and I was all walked out! So we moseyed around at a more leisurely pace...

Two of the buildings were having work done the Cathedral and one other that we couldn't see at all as it was all covered up!

Barcelona wasn't completely what I expected, I thought there was going to be beautiful architecture everywhere but in actual fact if you didn't look up I think you would miss it, as the shop fronts were all quite modern and then the flats above had the gorgeous balconies, windows and shutters.

Luckily Mataro had loads of beautiful doors and windows at ground level that I could photograph more easily!

I will be popping more photographs on my Instagram and there is a couple of videos of Gaudi's Architecture on my facebook if you would like to have a look.

Since I went away I got lots of house portrait orders and enquires, I think maybe I should go away more often!

I best crack on, have a lovely Sunday