Christmas Commissions...

Good morning,

Oh my goodness how rude am i? It's the 5th February and I haven't yet wished you a happy new year! It's the same old but time really does fly! I wish there was breaks you could apply or that watch that chap had that pauses time, you know the one? Anyway I'm not here to babble on about how it's now 2018 (how the dickins did that happen by the way?) I thought I'd share with you some of commissions that were ordered for Christmas... (I can show them to you now because Christmas has been and gone! Argh!)

If your interested in ordering a house or venue portrait you can either fill in the form on the right hand side or email me at  for more information and a quotation

Alternatively if you'd like to learn a new craft in 2018 I'm teaching freehand machine embroidery workshops at a range of venues have a wee look at the workshop page for more information.

I promise to not leave it as long until my next post!

Speak soon