March Meet The Maker - Week Two -ish

Good afternoon,

The time is flying we're nearly halfway through March! How the flippin' heck did that happen?! And with the March days ticking past so is the March Meet the Maker challenge. Here are a few more prompts...

Day 5: Photography 

I love taking product shots, I think mainly because I love buying cute colourful props to use in my styling! If you ever see a girl in b&q taking lots of wallpaper samples as backdrops it's probably me! 

Day 6: Workspace 

I'm so fortunate that I have a room dedicated to my craftyness! Unfortunately it looks like a small (possibly large)craft explosion has gone off in there SOOO... while I'm ignoring the mess I'm currently working from the dining table!! I've promised myself to get my room sorted and back in business in the next month or two... especially now I've seen so many of your gorgeous spaces!

Day 7: Routine 

 Now this is a funny one. I work 4 days a week as an Interior Designer in Marlborough the other 3 days I do May I Design stitching house portraits, teaching, designing wedding stationery and doing product photography. If I'm honest I have no real routine I just try my best to fit as much in as and when I can!

Day 8: Flatlay 

Gotta love a flatlay!

Day 9: How it's Made

All my work whether it be my house portraits, wedding stationery or greetings cards start out being stitched. I use freehand machine embroidery on a normal domestic sewing machine. I will first lightly draw out the design on the fabric to use as a guide. I'm not too worried if I wobble off the lines as I think that's part of the charm and character of free-motion embroidery

Day 10: Relax

 To relax I love to go out and explore local villages and parks. A find walking does really help to clear my noggin if im feeling overwhelmed! Pretty door spotting is also very relaxing

Day 11: Branding

I'm a little bit obsessed with yellow and grey so these had to feature. I've kept my font quite quirky and friendly and I'm slightly obsessed with polka dots too! I hope my brand comes across as friendly and not too serious!

See you next week