Doesn't time fly?

Good evening,

Firstly may I say sorry for the silence. I can’t believe that it was March since we last spoke.

 A lot has changed and without getting too deep into it I have split up with my fiancĂ©e and moved out into my own little pad (it’s sooo cute but very small with very little room to sew). This is why there has been radio silence from me as I get to grips with adulting and fending for myself! So far so good, my little place is still standing and I haven’t keeled over… yet! 

Because of this I haven’t had much space in my new place or in my noggin to do commissions and create new designs. If you have asked me for stitches your patience has been really appreciated.

This Christmas I won’t be taking on many commissions but I will still be teaching. I have a few new dates coming up where I’ll teaching you how to create a free motion embroidered Christmas card and also a brand spanking new workshop where we’ll be making a Christmas Table runner (I can’t wait for this one). I’m just finalising a few dates but I’ll get back to you asap (none of this 6 months of silence malarkey)!

Anyway thank you for your patience and I’ll try to post more often and not be such a stranger!

Speak soon (I promise).