My my, where has the time gone?!

 Good evening, hello,

My goodness me, where the blummin' heck has the time gone?

So much has happened since we last spoke, British Craft and Trade Fair, lots of new products, workshops and of course the small matter of a global pandemic! This year has been like no other but I'm not going to dwell on the latter too much cause I feel we hear enough of that on the news and social media!

I'm going to try and update my blog more regularly (heard that before haven't we?!) but no I really am. I've got so much to waffle on about, including my first trade fair (albeit online and slightly different than I had planned) and the wonderful courses I've signed up to by the super talented Helen Hallows and the work I have created on them (very different the stitching I usually do). 

So this post is just a little one to say there will be more posts soon (like a film trailer without the film or juicy cliff hanger!) I hope to post on Sunday's again - but don't hold me to that!

Anyway I hope you're well and the life isn't too topsy turvy for you - I promise we shall speak soon!

Good night!