Things are getting a little bit festive around here...


Hope you're having a good week! I thought I'd stop by to share with you some Christmas Decorations I've been working on this year. 

Well firstly there's the Christmas doors (there was always going to be doors wasn't there?!) These have sweet little card envelopes attached to them which can be personalised with names or a little message. They are currently listed in my Etsy Shop you can get more information here

Next, inspired by my post box cards, note books and bags, I created these little post box decorations. These, like the doors, can have a little envelope attached with a personalised message. Click here for more information. 

Lastly, I've been really inspired by cheeky seagulls this year. I just love them (even though they are definitely a menace sometimes!) The sound of seagulls reminds me of many summer holidays visiting my Gran in Tynemouth at the seaside. These festive fellows can be found here...

This weekend (14/15th November) I am taking part in Fabulous Places Market so you can get 10% off with code FAB10

Hope you have a great weekend,