I have always dabbled in crafts. When I was a little girl I would buy paper plates to decorate (I think my parents thought I was mad!) and then 'sell' them (the plates not my parents) from my wendy house at the end of the garden.

Since graduating with a Fine art Degree in 2008 this urge to be creative has heightened. On my 28th birthday I was bought a beautiful pink sewing machine and my love of textiles began. Since then I'm unstoppable! I mainly use my sewing machine to create freehand machine embroidered pictures. I like mixing fabrics, textures and also found items.

I adore stitching house portraits, the wobbly lines that freehand embroidery creates fill me with such excitement. I love that when I start a picture I'm not 100% sure how it will turn out. Each stitched piece is unique with no two ever being the same.
If you would like a stitched house portrait I would love to hear from you email me at hello@mayidesign.co.uk.