Freehand Machine embroidered House Portrait Workshop...

Good evening chaps,

A few weeks ago I taught my first ever Freehand Machine embroidered house portrait workshop at Crafty Soul Craft Shed in Lichfield and I had an absolute hoot. My three students were wonderful and did such an amazing job and the Craft shed was delightful (So cute, I'm so jealous I'd love a craft shed ... anyway I digress)

We started the day tracing out the buildings which these lovely ladies had chosen to stitch ...

Once they were happy with their sketches, we transferred them onto fabric and they began to stitch ....

 The results were fantastic....

All 3 ladies went home with a gorgeous house portrait that they can display with pride....

I can't wait until the next one if you'd like to sign up to stitch your own house/venue portrait you an find out more information here

I have also updated my other workshop pages click here for more information, if you have any questions or would like to find out more please email me at I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time 

New Workshop...

Hey hey,

Looks who's back! Apologies again for disappearing I promise I've not been hibernating - if you follow me on Facebook and Insta you'll see I've been a busy bee with workshops and stitching lots doors (makes a change!)
Anywhoo I'm not here to prattle on about why I've not been blogging. I'm here to let you know about my new workshop (please insert drum roll here....)

Stitch your very own free motion embroidered house/ venue portrait

Ok so the title may not be that snappy but the workshop I think will be fab...

You'll get to come along and learn step by step how to create your very own venue portrait <3 I'll guide you through the different stages: from tracing your chosen building, through to stitching it then framing it up and personalising the mount with the house name, street or special message. We can add pops of colour using applique and if you'd like to we can add French knot flowers and chain stitched petals.

I know I would say this but I think it'll be a lovely workshop and you'll go away with a really special stitch (It could even make a lovely sentimental Christmas gift)

I am running my first workshop at Crafty Soul at The Plant Plot in Lichfield on Sunday 13th October 10 -3. I currently have 1 space left but I'll be sure to run plenty more if you fancy signing up or registering your interest please email me at This workshop is a fab follow on from my beginners workshop and would suit people who have done a little bit of free motion machine embroidery before. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend 

Meg xxxx

New Venue in Lichfield

Well hello there, Happy New Year!

Hope you had an amazing Christmas and new year and I hope 2019 has started well for you.

I have some super exciting news. I have a new venue to teach my free motion embroidery workshops and it's only in my home town of Lichfield (yipppeee!) 

It's at Foxglass Art space at Curborough Hall Farm Country Side Centre which is perfect, as not only is it gorgeous but has tons of free parking too! 

The Workshop is on Sunday 10th February 11am - 2.30pm. The class is totally suitable for beginners (I promise). You will learn how to hoop up your fabric and set your machine up ready to create wonderfully wobbly lines. 

You’ll then get to grips with using your machine without feed dogs, ‘drawing’ with your machine and adding splashes of colour with fabrics.

By the end of the class you’ll have a selection of sample pieces and have created your very own framed card to take away.  

If you'd like more information please email me at 

I hope you can join me

Speak soon,

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas...

Hope you all had a magical day


New *Christmas* Workshops

Good afternoon,

Hope you've had a good week. 

I'm so excited to tell you about a new workshop I'm now running.  It will be a full day workshop 10am - 4pm where you will learn how to use freehand machine embroidery to create a festive table runner for your Christmas table.

We will start the day getting to grips with using your sewing machine to stitch freehand machine embroidery and create wonderfully wobbly lines, before adding fabrics and experimenting with applique. We will then go on to design and make a fabulously festive table centre piece to wow family and friends on the big day! (and if we have time we'll add in some snazzy napkins)

I will be supplying a neutral natural linen colour cotton fabric but if you did have a specific fabric in mind please bring it along with you and I can check out it’s suitability for use with these techniques.

This class is available at New Brewery Arts - Cirencester, Bobbin Sewing School- Stockbridge and Sewcraft - Swindon. Please have a look at my workshop page for details on how to book. 

I can't wait I love Christmas and love crafting so I have a feeling we're going to have a hoot! 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at

Speak soon

Doesn't time fly?

Good evening,

Firstly may I say sorry for the silence. I can’t believe that it was March since we last spoke.

 A lot has changed and without getting too deep into it I have split up with my fiancĂ©e and moved out into my own little pad (it’s sooo cute but very small with very little room to sew). This is why there has been radio silence from me as I get to grips with adulting and fending for myself! So far so good, my little place is still standing and I haven’t keeled over… yet! 

Because of this I haven’t had much space in my new place or in my noggin to do commissions and create new designs. If you have asked me for stitches your patience has been really appreciated.

This Christmas I won’t be taking on many commissions but I will still be teaching. I have a few new dates coming up where I’ll teaching you how to create a free motion embroidered Christmas card and also a brand spanking new workshop where we’ll be making a Christmas Table runner (I can’t wait for this one). I’m just finalising a few dates but I’ll get back to you asap (none of this 6 months of silence malarkey)!

Anyway thank you for your patience and I’ll try to post more often and not be such a stranger!

Speak soon (I promise).


March Meet The Maker - Week Four-ish

Good afternoon,

now I'm not meaning to jinx anything here but maybe, just maybe, Spring is beginning to sort itself out. The sun is shining here is Wiltshire and I've even hung washing out on the line! (it's the little things!)

So on to week 4 of March meet the maker... 

Day 20 *Tools and materials* 

My work is mainly created using freehand machine embroidery on a domestic sewing machine and I sometimes add a few hand embroidered stitches too. I use a hoop to keep my fabric drum tight, threads and embroidery floss as well as little splashes of appliqued fabrics too.

Day 21 *A day in the life of...* 

Today is not the ideal day to follow me as I'm off to the day job and not going to have time for any may I design work.... On my days off I tend to get up about 8ish have a nice brekkie and a strong coffee and then check emails.

If I have portraits to do I'll crack on with these wither sketching them out, inking them in or stitching them. I then have to frame the portrait, photograph them and get them packaged up really nice and safe to send off. Other days I maybe designing wedding stationery or teaching or eventually I'm going to come up with new designs... Each day is very varied and I love it.

Day 22 *Sketchbook and lists* 

I love stationery and pretty sketchbooks and notebooks! I also am an avid list writer! I do a to do list everyday to keep me on track and so I don't forget anything! I've just got to remember which notebook I wrote it in...

Day 23 *Hands at work* 

My house portraits have a few different stages: I draw them out onto paper first in pencil, then I ink them in so that I can see the lines more clearly to trace them onto calico, I then start stitching 

Day 24 *Achievements* 

Just over a year ago I'd never taught before and decided to give it ago. In school I hated reading out loud, at university I hated doing presentations but for some reason I felt i wanted to give teaching workshops in free-motion embroidery ago. The feedback has been lovely and the work fantastic. 7 workshops down and I hope many more to come. 

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

Day 25 *Being a maker means...* 

Finding something that makes you happy and creating things that hopefully makes others happy too <3

Okay so I may have spoken too soon, the weather has clouded over! Oh well at least its not (whispers) snowing!

See you next week